Executive Flight Training Is A Family Business

Doug and Bonny started Executive Flight Training in 1992 while Doug was a pilot for US Airways. In the beginning, they specialized in training Mooney owners and pilots. Bonny did the scheduling and Doug did the instructing. Over the years, they slowly added airplanes to EFT’s insurance approved list. As demand grew, so did the need for instructors that shared their training philosophy. Now, they employ ten instructors, have five full-motion simulators (and counting!), and offer insurance approved training in Cessna Citations, Beechcraft King Airs as well as many other turboprop and piston aircraft.

Fly Safe Train Smart™ is not just a marketing slogan. We are a company committed to constantly improving the way we train students. We strive to prioritize each individual student’s training requirements. We do this by customizing our students’ training program. When feasible, we travel to the student’s home base, rearrange class or simulator start times for added convenience, as well as offer free courtesy cars at our home airport (KARW).

One of the keys to our success is our instructors. Our professional pilots have countless hours of logged flight time in the airplanes they teach, as well as substantial military, corporate, and airline experience. They are still active in their careers and bring years of experience to share with the students. They are also available after hours for any questions the students may have about the equipment they’re flying.

Orchestrating students’ and instructors’ schedules along with simulators, airplanes, airline schedules, and other training logistics is a full-time job. Growing up in the family business, Doug and Bonny’s oldest daughter Caroline took the position of Director of Operations in 2018. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Wofford College and a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Samford University in 2014. She enjoys what she does and you will often find her working overtime to ensure EFT’s customers are taken care of.

As the business grew, so did the need for state-of-the-art training material. Doug and Bonny’s youngest daughter, Mary Catherine, has combined her English degree with her MBA to spearhead their entry into online learning. As they develop interactive ground-school courses, students will spend less time away from home to complete the required training. Their hope is to have as many of the “Differences” courses and ground schools available online to make it more convenient for students to train at their own pace. They have launched their King Air Differences courses and will have the Cessna Citation Differences training (plus more!) available by the end of this year.

EFT believes in a legacy of giving back. Executive Flight Training is a financial sponsor of the Beaufort Marine Corp Airshow and the Beaufort Water Festival Airshow. They were also able to offer two local flight scholarships, propelling these students from Student Pilots to Certified Flight Instructors. They share the passion of giving back to others in the aviation field.

Executive Flight Training is a family and we hope you enjoy your training with us!

As we strive to give our best to our customers, please do not hesitate to give feedback on how we can make your training experience better.