• The King Air 350 Oral Exam Guide is your one source for passing the type rating oral exam or a 135 checkride.
  • The King Air 350 Oral Exam Guide is the perfect systems refresher between training sessions.
  • Helps reduce checkride anxiety! Know the questions and answers before you take the oral exam.
  • It's a perfect study guide before going into the simulator.




  • The King Air 350 Oral Exam Guide does not contain any performance or weight and balance questions. Those are best done using the actual weight of your airplane.
  • The King Air 350 Oral Exam Guide is a 350 oral prep book, not a King Air 300 oral exam guide. That book is in the works.


The Workbook contains over 70 pages packed with questions and answers about the King Air 350.

King Air 350 - Oral Exam Guide - eBook

  • The King Air 350 Oral Exam Guide is a compilation of questions asked during actual 350 type rides. All of the question were asked to my students over the last several years by multiple DPE's and FAA examiners. Some of the questions are simple and just require rote memorization, while others are very complex. A few are just plain ridiculous but are included because examiner's are still asking them. This book will prepare you for the 350 oral no matter who is giving the checkride.

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