The Piper Meridian Workbook - eBook

The Piper Meridian Workbook is seven valuable books in one.


  • It's a system review guide. As an A&P mechanic, I know the Piper Meridian systems. But as a professional pilot and instructor, I know how to explain each system in enough detail to give you a complete working knowledge of the airplane without superfluous information. I teach you what you need to know in a concise, easy to read format. A quiz at he end of each chapter re-enforces your system knowledge.
  • It's a Power Settings Guide. These aren't some power settings I've pulled out of a book. I actually use these every day teaching pilots how to fly the 200.
  • It has Profiles and Flows. I've included profiles for every maneuver and cockpit flows that make setting the cockpit up for flight easy and intuitive.
  • It's an Emergency Review Guide. Every Emergency and abnormal checklist is at your finger tips. This allows you to study the procedures before you need them.
  • An Expanded Checklist Guide. I've included those hard to find preflight system checklists. I take you step by step through the Auto-feather test, the rudder boost check, pressurization test and more.
  • It's a Practical Tip Guide. I've included dozens of useful tips to make flying the Piper Meridian easier and more economical.
  • It's a workbook. This book has over 120 questions and answers that help you retain the information.


The Workbook contains over 177 information packed pages about the Piper Meridian. 

The Piper Meridian Workbook - eBook

  • As a professional instructor, I teach over 190 Initial and recurrent Piper Meridian students a year. Unfortunately, I could not find a comprehensive Meridian training manual that would meet their needs, so I wrote my own.

    I set out to write the best Piper Meridian Training manual available. I think I succeeded. 


    A bold statement? Maybe, but I back it up with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

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